Welcome to Hope For Syria

Hope For Syria is a US-based charity organization dedicated to helping the devastated Syrian people. As the calamity unfolds before us, a group of concerned Syrians established this organization in Chicago in the summer of 2012. With more than 150,000 killed, hundreds of thousands injured, millions displaced, and entire communities reduced to rubbles, we cannot and shall not stay idle.

Our mission is to provide humanitarian aid to the needy Syrian people. The need is immense and we hope that everyone will contribute to the cause. We at Hope For Syria want every conscientious human being to pitch in at any level he or she can. We have some of our networks already working on the ground in numerous parts of Syria. We have no political, religious, or ethnic association and we welcome and join hands with anybody who wants to invest in the future of Syria. We have one goal "Bettering the welfare and prosperity of the Syrian people".